Opened: 11th September 2014 Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest
Running Time: 1 hrs 35 mins

An idyllic shopping mall. An earthly paradise. Precisely what we deserve. Then one day a virus of unknown origin rears its head. Panic breaks out. A quarantine is ordered. Those trapped inside create a regimen for survival. Necessity and instinct take over. The virus continues to spread. Indeed, who is infected and who is not?

From the reviews

"Roland Rába has packed his production Last with blood splatters, Muzak, raptor sound effects and plenty of humour, but this is not just sensationalism, there is deeper meaning behind it as well." (Hanna Csatlós -


"Roland Rába has not trusted in the accidental. In his theatre – made up of tried and tested ingredients such as sex, blood and shivers – we can recognize zombie-film clichés, as well as current social problems – in addition to a breezy, greatly entertaining style. Onstage is a gigantic supermarket: beverage counter, cafeteria, clothes department, meat-frozen goods-deli, drug store and flower shop. In the shadow of a "Sale" banner, a smiling hostess (Ágnes Csikász) offers arriving spectators the shopping mall’s own product, a "full-bodied, but not too acidic" mineral water. If customers should accept a small cup from her, they have only themselves to blame. After all, it could be the medium through which the mysterious virus, which turns everyone into zombies, spreads. (…) It’s no wonder that nearly everyone is biting their nails by the conclusion. Rába brings a sort of "realistic life-style" horror to the stage with action-packed scenes full of humour and horrible twists. It is tied together with micro-stories that are familiar, and yet we gladly experience them time and time again. Because, let’s admit, it feels good to get excited over the romance between the apathetic programmer (Gergely Bánki) and the drop-dead gorgeous "Little Red" (Rozi Székely), or to witness the cat-and-mouse game between the sex-obsessed dandy (Tamás Herczeg) and the deaf young woman (Tímea Mázló) who nurses ambitions of becoming a famous actress. We like to spy upon others’ lives and, more importantly, to quake with fear – Rába knows exactly what buttons to press and when, in order to arouse this desire." (Zsuzsanna Komjáthy -


"The seriously bravura direction adapts horror-genre techniques to the stage with self-evident ease in this age of home cinema and wildly popular romantic vampire stories. If viewers want thrills and chills, one would imagine that the theatre doesn’t stand a chance against films. Last cleverly defies this assumption." (Dionüszosz Magazin)

Festival invitations

-National Theatre of Pécs 2015. Hungary
-Jászai Mari Theatre 2016. Tatabánya, Hungary
-National Theatre of Szeged 2017. Hungary

Kornél - Gergely BánkiHerceg - Tamás HerczegTünde - Tímea MázlóPiroska - Rozi SzékelyImre - Imre BaksaBéla - Béla FiczerePatti - Orsi TóthCsiga - Alex AdányiZsó - Ágnes FöldesiWater peddling girl - Réka Sinkó / Ágnes Csikász
Róbert Menczel
Tímea Oláh
András Éltető
Dóra Büki
Péter Wagner-Puskás
Tamás Gyöngyösi
Assistant director
Ágota Kiss
Roland Rába
Dóra Büki
Production manager
Zsófia Csató
Technical director
András Éltető
Light technician
Zoltán Rigó
Sound technician
Zoltán Belényesi, János Rembeczki
Stage master
Péter Csunderlik
Prop master
Gergely Nagy
Jánosné Cselik
Performance text created by Roland Rába based on the company’s improvisations.

Budapest Aquincum Auchan, Kryolan City, PP Business Centre - Budapest, Szentkirályi Mineral Water